Electromechanical Works

Air Conditioning

Our experienced Mechanical engineers and skilled technicians install; split air condition units, inverter ducted split units§, inverter cassette units and ducting networks for AC and Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation

The health of your employees is the number one important issue for any business owner, making sure your team is breathing the highest quality air can lead to large increases in worker productivity and long-term success for companies as well as the long-term health of the workers by removing sick building syndrome.

Fire protection systems

We offer a complete range of fire detection and extinguishing systems. They include: Fire alarm system, Pendant Sprinkler System, Upright Sprinkler System, Hose Reals and Fire Extinguishers.

Electrical Wiring and Lighting

The services in this line carried out by our Electrical Engineers and Skilled Technicians include; Internal & External Light fittings, Trunking, Cable and Wiring Systems, Power Cabling, Earthing and Lightning protection systems and Uninterruptible Power Systems.

Air Conditioning

Cabling and Ducting

Electrical Wiring and Lighting

Partitioning Works

Fire Protection Systems