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We contribute to infrasturecture development by providing technical skills in ICT and Electromechanical works.

As we meet customer needs, we keep standards in:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Project Management and implementation
  • Maintenance and support.
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network cabling

Do you want to Design, integrate IT network compoents? Hardware, peripherals and accessories?

Wi-fi & Wireless

Do you want to provide workers flexibility at low investiment cost? Provide guest access to customers, suppliers and partners?.


Do you need to protect your business? Human resources, customers, assets and profits?.

air conditioning

Do you want to deploy AC units? Ventilate your basement? Kitchen smoke extraction?

software tools

Do you want visual reporting on your productivity? Provide smarter ways for teams to collaborate?

wiring & lighting

Do you want flair and style in home or business lighting? Wire new premises or renovation? More stable and energy efficient wiring?


Do you want to record what transpires in your business? Monitor your premises on phone?

Access Control

Do you want to manage people, vehicle and visitor access? Monitor portable assets movement?